October 2020 26
Clean up with Lean 5S Products UK and Vikan
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Lean 5S Products UK has long been a well-respected and reliable designer and provider of tool shadow boards, cleaning stations, and production boards. Some of our customers include well renowned international brands such as Coca-Cola,

April 2020 01
Marking Tape for social distancing
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Marking Tape for Social Distancing During these difficult times, we must do what we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and hopefully get back to normality sooner rather than later. While the first rule

July 2019 10
How to Use 5S Tool Shadow Boards.
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Ok, that marker pen drawn round a hammer just isnt cutting it. You’ve decided to improve that department. So, how to use a 5S tool shadow boards? In a production environment, one of the biggest

July 2019 04
5S Floor marking tapes
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When it comes to implementing 5S and waste reduction within your company, 5S floor marking practises are often overlooked. Visual management of your workspace must incorporate the floor around fellow colleagues and visitors to your