Lean Manufacturing in the UK?
- August
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Lean Manufacturing in the UK?

Lean Manufacturing in the UK

The manufacturing world these days stretches across borders and the globe. Thats why here at Lean 5S Products we have teamed up with our UK partners, Lean 5S Products UK to service our clients across the pond and Europe!.

Lean 5S Products UK are uniquely placed to provide identical products and services to us here in Los Angeles. They produce tool shadow boards, cleaning stations, foam shadow boards and custom production boards. All focus is on supporting your 5S Lean journey and ensuring an efficiency, quality, safety and production element is centred within the workplace.

They have long standing experience working alongside large firms such as Jaguar Land Rover, Lear Corp, Eaton among just a few and will be happy to guide you through their process.


More details can be seen at www.lean5sproducts.co.uk

Or call UK 011 44 1233 840999