5S Footstep Floor Markers
- December
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5S Footstep Floor Markers

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Available in all plain colours.

X- 300mm -300mm

T- 300mm x 200mm

L- 200mm x 200mm

Disk- 90mm

Arrow- 90mm

Warehouse markers are produced from a semi-rigid PVC. Compared to other warehouse aisle marking and signs they are more cost-effective yet still have incredible durability to cope with the demands of a busy warehouse or storage facility.

Produced in a range of shapes for off the shelf sale, these warehouse markers also feature simple surface prints consisting of single letters or numbers, protected with a top surface laminate. This helps you create a complete warehouse aisle marking solution by marking out aisle ways and pallet bays to increase workplace safety and efficiency.

Full marking solution for your warehouse or storage area. As application to a clean, dry surface is virtually instantaneous, downtime is minimal and the area can be in full operation again in minutes or hours depending on the size of the space.

With minimal to no downtime to apply easily with a durable service life for a low cost, semi rigid warehouse and pallet markers are an obvious choice for increasing safety and efficiency in your facility.

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Our semi rigid footstep floor markers are made from a semi rigid PVC. A cost-effective alternative to other warehouse markers and signs while still retaining excellent durability levels that are required in a busy warehouse or factory.

Produced in a range of shapes for immediate dispatch. Some also feature simple surface prints of letters or numbers with a protective laminated surface.

The lean manuf­ac­turing of semi rigid warehouse and pallet markers allows them to be supplied at low cost. This makes kitting out a factory, warehouse or any other premises with these markers and signs a very cost effective exercise.

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