Colour Coded Bucket 14 Litre
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Colour Coded Bucket 14 Litre

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Colour Coded Bucket 14L :

The aptly named ’Great British bucket’ is
made in the UK and features a solid compact
design, matching colour-coded wringer with
high neck sieve, black handle, mop holder
and overspill holes

• Coloured bucket with matching wringer.

• Graduation marks, lowline pouring spout
and base finger grips for easy pouring.

• Wringer features 3-point anchor supports,
mop handle holder, high neck sieve, and
overspill holes.

• Hardwearing and durable plastic.

• Suitable for mops up to 250g.

• Made in UK.

• 70% recycled plastic option in black now

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Bucket Colour

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black