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Tool Shadow Boards

At Lean 5S Products, we offer a wide range of Tool Shadow Boards, the ideal choice for creating an orderly and efficient work environment. These boards are expertly designed to optimise tool storage, with the goal of improving the functionality and organisation of your workspace.

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What You Get

Our Tool Shadow Boards are far from standard “off-the-shelf” products. Recognising that each client has unique requirements, we provide customised solutions at an affordable price, ensuring you get a product specifically tailored to your needs without excessive cost.


The size and quantity of equipment to be organised on the board will determine the board size. Our Sales Team are happy to advise on best practices. We have highly qualified experts on hand to tailor your requirements to get the most efficient solution. Want to include any accessories, such as document holders or rotas? We are happy to work with your design team or can provide unique solutions for all your requirements.


Our unlimited design revisions policy means your Shadow Board will perfectly match your aesthetic preferences. Incorporating logos, branding, and text, our Design Team combines visual appeal with functional design, reflecting your company's unique identity.


Our UV Digital Print Department is equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring the highest quality output. We apply premium quality lamination to each board for enhanced durability and longevity. Radiant colours in our printing process ensure visual appeal and contribute to a more vibrant and professional working atmosphere.


Leverage our extensive experience with Lean 5S Products UK's comprehensive "shadow library", featuring a wide range of cleaning equipment and tool outlines. If you have specific or unusual tools, we are well-equipped to vectorise and accurately dimension these tool outlines, ensuring a precise and efficient organisation on your Shadow Board.


Custom means exactly that. You can select from a range of colours, sizes, layouts, tool hardware, and material substrates. Additionally, we provide options for wall-mounted, free-standing, or mobile frames, ensuring that your Shadow Board fits seamlessly into your workspace.


Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends to a 5-year warranty on both print and lamination. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and passionate, dedicated after-sales care. Trust us to be a partner in enhancing the efficiency and safety of your working environment.

Tool Shadow Boards Lean 5S Products UK

About us

We specialise in providing bespoke lean management solutions at Lean 5S Products UK, a dynamic offshoot of National Engravers. With over five years of expertise, our company caters to a diverse range of businesses across the UK and Europe.

We pride ourselves on crafting customised visual management tools such as Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations, and Production Boards, all integral to continuous improvement and lean methodologies. Our experienced Design Team is committed to innovation and functionality, ensuring each product, from tool shadow boards to bespoke production panels, enhances workplace efficiency and resonates with your brand’s identity.

Embracing lean management, we strive to make our solutions a catalyst for employee engagement and operational excellence in your business.

Tool Shadow Boards Lean 5S Products UK

FAQ's On Tool Shadow Boards

Let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions about tool shadow boards:

What Is A Tool Shadow Board?

A Tool Shadow Board is an essential visual management tool used in businesses and companies to keep tools organised and easily accessible. It typically involves a board where the outlines of tools are marked, often colour-coded, to indicate where each item belongs. This aids in identifying missing items quickly and ensures that equipment is returned to its specific area after use.

Learn more on: How to Use 5S Tool Shadow Boards.

What Is An Example Of A Shadow Board?

An example of a Shadow Board is a cleaning station in a factory, where cleaning tools like brooms, mops, and dusters are organised in a designated area. Each tool has a specific, colour-coded outline on the board, making it easy to identify and access them and to notice if any item is missing.

What Is A 5s Shadow Board?

5S Shadow Board is a tool used in the 5S methodology of workplace organisation, which focuses on efficiency and safety. These boards categorise and store tools in a manner that supports the 5S principles: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain. They help in maintaining a clean, organised, and efficient workspace, enhancing safety and productivity.

What Are The Benefits Of Shadow Boards For Tools?

The benefits of Shadow Boards for tools are numerous. They promote a safer and more efficient working environment by ensuring tools are well-organised and easily accessible. Colour coding and visual management help quickly identify missing items, reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, they help maintain specific areas of the business, ensuring essential equipment is always at hand, streamlining workflow and boosting overall productivity.

Tool Shadow Boards Lean 5S Products UK

Whatever your requirements, we have the right solution for you.


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