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Floor Tape: Its Importance in Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies and Lean Practitioners are fully aware of 5S methodology and often implement fantastic tools in order to ultimately drive out waste and improve efficiencies. One technique which can often be overlooked however is the use of floor tape to solidify and consolidate your 5S practices.

We will highlight 4 areas where the importance of 5S Floor Marking significantly supports your Lean journey within a manufacturing environment.

One: Organisation of Space

Better organisation of space quickly enhances flow of materials and products around a work area and in doing so reduce production times.

Improved organisation of space enables better detection of waste products, movements and tools. For instance, proper use of floor marking to create a “RED TAG AREA” will allow operators to “Sustain” the 5S in their area by using a specific place to keep waste items before by fully removed from the section.

Floor Tape: Its Importance in UK Manufacturing to improve visual management Lean 5S Products UK

Two: ISO 7010 Accreditation

When implementing floor marking it is imperative to use the correct colours in the correct areas. Our range of Industrial Grade tapes are printed to match ISO 7010 International technical standards for graphical hazard symbols and safety signage.

The most common colour combinations and their meanings are below.

Prohibition Sign Prohibition RED
Mandatory Sign Must Do BLUE
Warning Sign Warn of Hazard YELLOW
Safe Condition Sign Safety Equipment & Exits GREEN
Fire Safety Sign Fire Protection RED


Three: Reduction of Accidents

Proper use of floor marking to introduce aisles and walkways has been found to significantly reduce the amount of accidents that occur.

Reduction of accidents allows for a better working environment of course but also re-empathises the philosophy of safety, integrity and quality you should be aspiring to nurture within your workplace.

Four: Freeing Up Valuable Space

Floor marking allows better use of the space you have to operate your various processes. Using floor marking, you can significantly alter layouts and functionality of a space to create value. This value maybe time, reduction of waste, empowerment of an employee or increased production rates.

Five: Employee Empowerment

Following on from the last point. The Ultimate aim of any 5S project is to drive out wasted processes, practices and equipment.

However, for 5S to really continue to benefit the organisation it must be sustained and bringing along operators and employees is fundamental!

Allowing operators to contribute to the planning, implementation of floor marking will enhance their ownership of a particular area and in doing so will increase their ability to continually develop and improve even the smallest details.

Floor Tape: Its Importance in UK Manufacturing to improve visual management Lean 5S Products UK


In Summary, 5S also means looking at the floor not just the tool cabinet!

Floor marking can drastically improve company organisation and also and more importantly increase employee satisfaction and instil a better, happier and more involved work force.