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What You Get

At Lean 5S Products, we understand that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we offer custom solutions, not “off-the-shelf” products, to meet the specific requirements of each client, delivering bespoke quality without the high cost.


The size of the board and the amount of information it will display are key to its design. We have developed effective systems to cascade information across your organisation. Whether you need Production Boards with magnetic properties or dry-erase laminates, our team members are on hand to advise on and craft the most efficient solutions for you. Plus, we're open to including any additional accessories such as document holders, shelves, or rotas – all customised to your preference.


With unlimited design revisions, compromise is a thing of the past. Whether incorporating your logos, branding, text, or images, our expert Design Team is skilled in creating boards that are both functional and visually appealing. Upload your designs and requirements, and we'll bring them to life.


Utilising cutting-edge UV Digital Print technology, we ensure that each board is durable, with a wipe-clean surface and radiant colours to enhance the professionalism of your surroundings.


Lean S Products UK boasts a comprehensive "shadow library" of equipment and tools. No item is too specific or unusual for us. We efficiently vectorise and apply dimensions to tool outlines, offering fast and cost-efficient bespoke shadow creation.


Custom means exactly that. We have provided various production boards to display data and information, such as SQDCL, TPM, KPI, APDC, and Health & Safety Boards. Choose your colours, size, layout, tool hardware, and material substrate AND choose between Wall-Mounted, Free Standing or Mobile frames. View our gallery here.

We can provide dry-erase laminate for use with whiteboard pens. Magnetic surfaces can be incorporated to hold and display non-static information. We can include sliders to highlight changeable data (such as performance, health, ratings, employees on duty, etc).


Our commitment to you: every board comes with a 5-year warranty on print and lamination. Our team's expert knowledge and passionate after-sales care ensure that we are always available to ensure your satisfaction and long-term success with our products.

Visual Management Boards Lean 5S Products UK

How Visual Management Boards Work?

Visual Management Boards serve as an essential tool for continuous performance improvement within any organisation. They are effective visual tools for visually displaying key metrics and relevant qualitative data, making ongoing improvement projects transparent and understandable for the whole team. Used on the shop floor, these boards facilitate root cause analysis and showcase improvement work on a weekly basis, ensuring all team members are aligned and informed.

Customisation Process

The customisation process of our Visual Management Boards is designed to cater to your unique communication and improvement needs. You can choose to display key measures, improvement ideas, or any other essential data.

We offer rigid boards with options for magnetic and dry-erase surfaces, enabling you to update and modify the displayed information as your ongoing improvement projects evolve. This process ensures that the board you receive is a communication tool and an integral part of your strategy for continuous improvement.

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Visual Management Boards Lean 5S Products UK

About us

As a dynamic offshoot of National Engravers, we at Lean 5S Products UK specialise in providing bespoke lean management solutions. With over five years of expertise, our company caters to a diverse range of businesses across the UK and Europe, collaborating closely with our sister company in Los Angeles.

We pride ourselves on crafting customised visual management tools such as Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations, and Production Boards, all integral to continuous improvement and lean methodologies. Our experienced Design Team is committed to innovation and functionality, ensuring each product, from tool shadow boards to bespoke production panels, enhances workplace efficiency and resonates with your brand’s identity.

Embracing lean management, we strive to make our solutions a catalyst for employee engagement and operational excellence in your business.

Visual Management Boards Lean 5S Products UK

FAQs On Visual Management Boards

Let’s dive into some of your most frequently asked questions about visual management boards.

What Is A Visual Management Board?

A Visual Management Board is a dynamic tool used for visual management in various organisational settings. It’s designed to clearly display key metrics, improvement ideas, and progress in ongoing improvement projects. These boards are an indispensable communication tool, bridging the gap between teams at various levels of the organisation and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

How Can Visual Management Boards Improve My Manufacturing Process?

Visual Management Boards play a crucial role in driving continuous improvement in manufacturing. They provide a visual display of key measures, project progress, and improvement ideas directly on the shop floor. This ongoing visual communication aids in quickly identifying issues and improvements, fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration and encouraging the whole team’s involvement in improvement work. Regular updates on a weekly basis ensure that the team remains focused and aligned with the manufacturing goals.

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What Materials Are Used?

Our boards are constructed using high-quality materials with options for magnetic and dry-erase surfaces. Durable lamination ensures a long-lasting, easy-to-clean surface, suitable for the demands of any work environment.

How Do I Order A Custom Visual Management Board?

To order, contact our sales team or submit a request through our website. We’ll discuss your needs, provide expert advice, and guide you through customisation and ordering.

Visual Management Boards Lean 5S Products UK

Whatever your requirements, we have the right solution for you.


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