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Storage Racking

Storage Organisation makes up an integral part of your 5S initiatives

One of the key tools used to streamline operations and enhance safety is floor tape. These colourful adhesive tapes serve as visual cues to guide workflow, mark boundaries, and communicate essential information.

One of the key tools used to streamline operations and enhance safety is floor tape. These colourful adhesive tapes serve as visual cues to guide workflow, mark boundaries, and communicate essential information.

What You Get

We don’t supply “off-the-shelf” products. We understand that every client has specific needs with unique requirements.

Whether it’s enhancing storage space in commercial garages or optimising warehouse efficiency, our custom-designed solutions meet diverse storage needs. From chipboard options for lighter loads to steel for heavier demands, we’ve got you covered.


Our shelving systems are designed with durability and versatility in mind. Made from sturdy, high-grade steel, they are perfect for storing bulky items and handling heavy loads. Each unit is easy to assemble, typically requiring just a rubber mallet, and comes with a range of accessories to maximise storage efficiency. The versatility of our systems makes them suitable for a number of different environments, from busy commercial garages to organised workshops..


Our storage racking solutions are versatile enough to be used as garage racking systems or as a part of complex warehouse storage setups. Their strong and sturdy construction ensures that they are durable enough to withstand the rigours of a busy commercial environment. Filters and planning tools are available to tailor the setup to your specific needs..


The primary benefits include maximised storage space, improved organisation options, and easy access to stored items. Our shelving units are designed to help you store more in less space while keeping your items organised and easily accessible. The adaptable nature of our racking systems means they can be customised to suit a variety of storage needs, from small parts to larger equipment.


Storage Racking Lean 5S Products UK

About Us

As an expansion of National Engravers, we at Lean 5S Products UK specialise in bespoke lean management solutions for diverse clients across the UK and Europe. With over five years of expertise in creating customised visual management boards, including Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations, and Production Boards, we are committed to boosting efficiency and reducing waste in businesses of all sizes.

Our design team excels in integrating your business branding into our products, from Tool Shadow Boards to bespoke Management Boards, ensuring each solution promotes workplace organisation and employee engagement. For innovative lean management solutions that transform your operational space, Lean 5S Products UK is your go-to expert.

Storage Racking Lean 5S Products UK

FAQs On Storage Racking

Let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions about cleaning stations:

What Is Kanban Shelving?

Kanban Shelving is a specialised storage solution designed for quick and easy access to materials in a production environment. Its ergonomic design and sloping shelves make it ideal for line-side supply systems, enhancing workshop efficiency and organisation.

What Is Heavy Duty Shelving?

Heavy-duty shelving refers to storage systems designed to hold heavier loads, ideal for commercial garages, warehouses, and industrial environments.

These shelving units, built with strong materials like steel, are robust enough to accommodate heavier and bulkier items, ensuring safety and durability.

Can The Shelving Be Customised?

Absolutely, Our shelving systems can be customised to fit specific dimensions, sizes, and storage requirements, including the addition of various accessories to enhance functionality. We can tailor our shelving systems, from width adjustments to specific shelving materials to your needs.

What Are The Best Storage Racking Systems?

The best storage racking systems are those that offer the perfect balance between durability, load capacity, and customisability.

Our Kanban Racking and Heavy Duty Shelving systems are designed to meet these needs, providing sturdy, efficient, and adaptable storage solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of different industries.

Storage Racking Lean 5S Products UK
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