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Fully stocked Shadow Boards

At Lean 5s Products, we supply standardised shadow boards for cleaning equipment.

We supply the boards in 4 different sizes and 4 different colours. Just choose the size and colour then we’ll despatch your board WITH equipment FAST! Equipment ranges from: Brooms, dustpans, squeegees, mops & buckets, wet floor signs and paper roll holders. Why not view our full range of bespoke tool shadow boards. Contact us if you require customisation on 01233 840999

What You Get

We don’t supply “off the shelf” products. Each and every client has specific requirements hence our solutions are bespoke. Each client needs different equipment which we can source and ensure shadows and layout keep your tools organised every time.


We supply colour coded quality cleaning equipment from a variety of companies and top suppliers. Because most enquiries are specific we also offer specific tool hardware for your equipment including bucket and glove box holders. Our team can also design and fabricate unique tool holding solutions too. Our sales team are happy to advise on best practice. Let us help you bring your lean manufacturing to life.


Want to use your own cleaning equipment? Due to our unlimited design revisions policy this means you don’t have to compromise on the look and feel of creating your boards. Our Design Team is on hand to create perfect shadows from your equipment. We have created hundreds of Shadow Boards and Cleaning Stations so we know what works in the working environment. We understand the layout of equipment and the importance of functionality.


Custom means exactly that. We supply quality colour-coded 5S tool clips from the top manufacturers. We can provide various styles, sizes and colours and also provide food grade clips to attach the most common cleaning equipment including squeegees, buckets, shovels, dustpans, brooms and wet floor signs


Our expert knowledge is at your disposal and as a result we offer a committed and passionate after-sales service with every sale. Heavy-duty and industrial-grade robust cleaning materials from Vikan® are designed for environments where hygiene and efficiency are essential to the business itself. These colour-coded cleaning materials are manufactured for durability with solid polypropylene blocks and polyester or PET bristles set with stainless steel staples. Most are available with block and bristle in total colour hence the highest degree of traceability possible for today’s stringent HACCP environments.

About us

At Lean 5S Products UK, a progressive division of National Engravers, we specialise in customising lean management solutions, with more than five years of expertise under our belts. Our company is dedicated to supporting a broad spectrum of businesses across the UK and Europe with our specialised services.

We take immense pride in creating and supplying bespoke visual management tools such as Shadow Boards, Wall-Mounted Cleaning Stations, and Production Boards, essential for promoting continuous improvement and adherence to lean methodologies. Our devoted Design Team is focused on innovation and practicality, making sure that every product – from customised tool shadow boards to personalised production panels – not only improves efficiency in the workplace but also complements your brand’s image.

Incorporating lean management principles, we aim to ensure our comprehensive solutions act as a catalyst for engaging your employees, eliminating waste and achieving operational excellence.

Fully Stocked Shadow Boards Lean 5S Products UK

FAQs On Shadow Boards

Let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions about shadow boards:

What is the purpose of a shadow board?

The purpose of a shadow board is to enhance workplace organisation and efficiency by providing a designated, visually intuitive space for storing tools and equipment. These boards utilise outlines or “shadows” to indicate the specific location of each item, making it easier for staff to find, use, and return them after use. This system promotes a tidier workspace, reduces time spent searching for tools, and supports the principles of lean management by minimising waste and maximising productivity.

What are shadow boards used for?

Shadow boards are predominantly utilised in assembly lines and warehouses to streamline the workflow and maintain an orderly environment. By clearly displaying where tools and equipment should be stored, they help reduce downtime and improve efficiency on the production floor. In warehouses, shadow boards facilitate quick identification and retrieval of tools, minimising the risk of misplacement and ensuring a smoother operational process. This method supports lean management practices, enhancing overall productivity and safety in the workplace.

What is the best material for shadow boards?

The optimal material for shadow boards incorporates UV digital print and lamination, offering superior quality and durability. This combination ensures vivid, long-lasting colours and provides a protective layer against wear, tear, and environmental factors. UV digital printing allows for precise and clear visual representations, while lamination adds an extra layer of protection, making the boards suitable for the demanding conditions of industrial environments. This results in a highly durable, easy-to-clean solution that maintains its appearance and functionality over time.

How to make a shadow board?

To create a shadow board tailored to your specific needs, begin by identifying your requirements, including the tools and equipment you wish to organise. Then, reach out to us for a bespoke quotation. Our process involves detailed specification, where we’ll discuss your unique needs, followed by providing a personalised quote. Upon agreement, our design team will craft a custom shadow board that aligns with your specifications. We offer unlimited design revisions, ensuring the final product perfectly fits your workspace. For a solution that meets your exact requirements, request a quote and let us design a board just for you.

Fully Stocked Shadow Boards Lean 5S Products UK

Whatever your requirements, we have the right solution for you.

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