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Floor Tapes

Floor Tapes provide an essential component of 5S Visual Management

One of the key tools we use to streamline operations and enhance safety is floor tape. These colorful adhesive tapes serve as visual cues to guide workflow, mark boundaries, and communicate essential information.

What You Get

At Lean 5s Products, we don’t supply “off the shelf” products. Each and every client has specific requirements hence our solutions are bespoke. Each client needs different equipment which we can source and ensure shadows and layout are perfect each time.


We supply colour coded quality cleaning equipment from a variety of top suppliers. Because most enquiries are specific we also offer specific tool hardware for your equipment including bucket and glove box holders. Our team can also design and fabricate unique tool holding solutions too. Our sales team are happy to advise on best practice. Let us help you bring your lean manufacturing to life.


Want to use your own cleaning equipment? Due to our unlimited design revisions policy this means you don’t have to compromise on the look and feel of your boards. Our Design Team is on hand to create perfect shadows from your equipment. We have created hundreds of hadow Boards and Cleaning Stations so we know what works in the working environment. We understand the layout of equipment and the importance of functionality.


Custom means exactly that. We supply quality colour coded 5S tool clips from the top manufacturers. We can provide various styles, sizes and colours and also provide food grade clips to attach the most common cleaning equipment including squeegees, buckets, shovels, dustpans, brooms and wet floor signs


Our expert knowledge is at your disposal and as a result we offer a committed and passionate after-sales service with every sale. Heavy duty and industrial grade robust cleaning materials from Vikan® are designed for environments where hygiene and efficiency are essential. These colour coded cleaning materials are manufactured for durability with solid polypropylene blocks and polyester or PET bristles set with stainless steel staples. Most are available with block and bristle in total colour hence the highest degree of traceability possible for today’s stringent HACCP environments.

Benefits of Floor Tapes in Manufacturing?

  • Visual Management: Floor tapes provide clear visual cues that guide employees, reducing the need for verbal instructions and minimising errors.
  • Standardisation: By establishing consistent colour codes and markings, floor tapes promote uniformity across the facility, facilitating easier navigation and understanding.
  • Safety Enhancement: Clearly marked pathways and hazard zones help prevent accidents and injuries, fostering a secure working environment.
  • Space Optimisation: Floor tapes assist in maximising available space by delineating work areas and storage zones, contributing to efficient use of resources.
  • Continuous Improvement: As part of the 5S methodology, floor tapes support the principles of Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, driving ongoing improvements in workplace organization and efficiency.

Types of Floor Tapes:

  • Yellow Tape:     Indicates caution, warning employees to proceed with care in areas where potential hazards exist.
  • Red Tape:     Marks areas where access is restricted or where emergency equipment is located, ensuring quick identification during critical situations.
  • Green Tape:     Designates safe pathways and walkable zones, facilitating smooth traffic flow and minimising the risk of accidents.
  • Blue Tape:     Highlights locations for equipment placement or storage, aiding in maintaining organised workstations and minimising clutter.
  • Black and White Tape:     Defines borders and outlines work areas, helping employees maintain order and preventing unnecessary encroachment.

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