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Lectern Tool Shadow Board

Introducing the Lectern Tool Shadow Board, your ultimate solution for streamlined tool organisation. Say goodbye to the frustration of misplaced tools and hello to efficiency and productivity.


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What are the benefits of a Lectern Tool Shadow Board?
  1. Organisation: Keeps tools neatly arranged and easily accessible.
  2. Efficiency: Saves time searching for tools, enhancing productivity.
  3. Visual Management: Clearly outlines where each tool belongs, aiding in inventory control.
  4. Prevents Loss: Reduces the risk of misplacing tools by providing designated spots.
  5. Professional Appearance: Adds a tidy, professional look to the workspace.
  6. Tool Protection: Helps prevent damage and prolongs the lifespan of tools.
  7. Safety: Minimizes hazards by ensuring tools are properly stored when not in use.

Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm x 900mm

£402.00 incl VAT