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Magnetic Overlays for existing Whiteboard

Magnetic Overlays offer an excellent solution for achieving continuous improvement and adapting designs on the fly. Tailored to your dimensions, we customise overlays to precisely match your needs. They prove invaluable in space-constrained environments, enabling multiple designs on a single board. Printed Magnetic Overlays are easily detachable, allowing for effortless installation, storage, and reuse. Utilising a magnetic whiteboard as the base, they can refresh tired existing boards in your workplace.


Just send us your logo and requirements and we do the rest!

What are the benefits of Magnetic Overlays?

  1. Flexibility: Easily adapt designs for Continuous Improvement.
  2. Space-saving: Enable multiple designs on a single board.
  3. Customization: Tailored to specific dimensions and requirements.
  4. Easy installation: Simple to remove, install, and store.
  5. Compatibility: Can be added to existing magnetic whiteboards.
  6. Versatility: Shop floor or Office, Suitable for various workplace applications.

£138.00£324.00 incl VAT