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An ever increasing area of 5S is the use of foam tool shadow boards. Here at Lean 5S Products we provide a full onsite audit, design, fabricate and support service when it comes to all things 5S related.


So what’s the TOP 6 Benefits of foam tool shadow boards.


Fundamental to any “Lean” initiative is to set in order your tools and workplace.

The logic behind this is that each and every tool must be placed so that operators can easily and quickly find tools to perform their required tasks. Using foam tool shadow boards, work areas are more efficient and productive if tools are kept close and to hand.

The nature of our variety of foams is that colour combinations can be used to further differentiate cells or departments. The dense Zote foams we fabricate from allow for a multitude of tools to be easily stored and organised at the specific places they are to be utilised.

Top 6 Benefits of using foam tool shadow boards Lean 5S Products UK Top 6 Benefits of using foam tool shadow boards Lean 5S Products UK Top 6 Benefits of using foam tool shadow boards Lean 5S Products UK


Many companies require certain tools to only reside in particular areas. Foam tool shadow boards allow operators and managers alike to quickly trace where a tool is or is not. The old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place”.

The configurment of the foam shadows only allows the tool for the specific shadow to be used thus ensuring a visual “check” on tool movement.

Importance on tracing the whereabouts of tools also has an added benefit of constant monitoring of any deterioration of tools too.


As one of the pivotal aspects of 5S, standardising both equipment and how they are used is key.

The use of foam tool shadow boards in standardising behaviour and organisation of work areas greatly increases common ideas you will want to instil into everyday practises.

The full focus of any lean project should be to reduce waste and drive through efficiencies in processes. Foam tool inserts or shadow boards significantly allow tools to be stored in a common, standard way. If departments use differing tools or equipment the standard of using and developing “the” standard is still applied with the support of visual aids like foam shadow boards.


We commonly utilise the knowledge and practical information that operators tell us regarding their work areas in order to produce well used foam shadow board solutions. This in turn leads to more empowerment of colleagues within small production areas. If they have had a hand in designing the look and layout of the foam then it becomes “theirs”. Operators then can see first hand lean processes in action and will be more open to taking on board other lean methodology.


Here at Lean 5S Products UK & Lean 5S Products US we wish to provide the solution that suits your requirements and look.

Following on from “standardisation” we allow our products such as foam tool shadow boards to flow around the site so that your branding becomes part of everyday processes.

Each foam tool shadow board is created using the latest light-box technology to ensure accurate shadows can be cut from any type of tool.

If tools aren’t available for us to physically scan we can provide simple easy to use templates so you can provide the necessary shadow details for us.

We produce foam inserts in a variety of different base colours and can laser etch logos and titles to the foam as well.


Using foam tool shadow boards greatly enhances your company’s organisation and better equips your operators with leaner, more productive ways in which to work. Our solutions facilitate faster production times, greater efficiencies and empower the workforce by better using the visual element of how work is done.

Managers can spend less time telling what should happen or where equipment should go, as visual management aids such as foam tool shadow boards will do this for you in a visual way.