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Who Are We?

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Lean 5S Products UK was formed following the expansion of Shadow Board production by National Engravers. We are a company based in the UK providing lean management solutions to businesses big and small across the UK and Europe. Aware of the need for businesses to reduce waste and improve efficiency we are proud to provide a service where we work closely with our customers to produce bespoke, custom management boards and lean management solutions. We work closely with our sister company Lean 5S Products Los Angeles based in the US.

Our Design Team is happy to think outside the box. This is your product, your business. A Shadow Board or Production Board manufactured to meet your requirements will engage employees and promote lean methodology.

Our goal is to make lean management work for your business.


For over 5 years, Lean 5S Products has been leading the way in designing and manufacturing visual management boards as an integral part of continuous improvement, 5S and lean management initiatives.


We produce quality customised visual 5S lean management solutions such as Shadow BoardsCleaning Stations, and Production Boards, to every kind of industry.


Cleaning Stations are an excellent way to keep your shop floor or work-shop in order. 

Visual cues enable you to achieve an organised workplace where tools and equipment are stored in appropriate locations close to the work area or work stations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. 

It may be that you require colour-coded cleaning tools or boards, a portable cleaning station, cleaning rota information alongside the equipment.

Lean 5S Products UK can accommodate all this and more.


The use of Tool Shadow Boards provides an immediate visual aid that will increase productivity and improve overall work space organisation.

Standardising a work space with tool shadows will allow workers to quickly identify when items are missing or out of place, which eliminates time spent searching and sustains workplace organisation.The effectiveness of a shadow board begins with the design – incorporating company branding and standardisation alongside optimal layout and bespoke features.

Not only can Lean 5S Products UK ensure your shadow boards are completely functional, but company information, safety instructions, logos and motivational text can all form part of your final design.


Production Boards, or interpretation panels, can provide facts, information and guidance to employees to ensure optimum productivity. 

Customised by Lean 5S Products UK to meet your requirements, our Design Team can incorporate sliders, visuals, rotas, document holders, dry erase and magnetic areas.

 They can be used as a communication tool for employees to highlight a problem, as it occurs, in order for the problem to be addressed and prevent re-occurrence.


Our boards can be made in customised sizes and located in many different areas of your process or plant. The key is that they are appropriately located and hold all the necessary tools for your area or work station. Ordering products from 5S Lean Products UK ensures that you get exactly what your business requires. Our Design Team will work closely with you to incorporate your business branding and get the right solutions for your employees. From Training Matrix Boards to bespoke Shadow Boards we understand that every business is unique and the right product will guarantee employee engagement.


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